How do you eliminate

You should not try to remove Bing as it is tied into the OS at many levels. However you do not have to use it, If you have a Bing Icon in the taskbar just right click it and select

Solving systems of equations by elimination (video)

If you have Facebook access to a page in the new Pages experience: Click Privacy, then click Your Facebook Information. Click Deactivation and Deletion. Choose Delete Account, then click
Solve mathematic problem

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First of all I like that you can take a picture of your problem and It can recognize it for you, but most of all how it explains the problem step by step, instead of just giving you the answer. This is the best app that no one can replace.

Rickie Miller

Definitely using in the future. I was so relieved when this app was made, everything about this is awesome. Is this something you could look at? I can't believe the app doesn't do this already as it seems like in can do so much more. There was only one problem that i tried and it didnt to.

Ronald Hill

I'm so glad I found this app. Even the free version has so many helpful features, the app has been in my phone for two years, and for those two years its been helping me whenever I cant answer a certain question, since there's a pandemic and it's quite hard to understand those words in the book, I downloaded this and it helped me a lot! Thanks for making this app helpful for us students :).

Jay Mitchell