Fractions and mixed numbers calculator

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Fraction Calculator

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Mixed Numbers Calculator

For adding mixed numbers you can use the calculator above instead. 2. Subtracting Mixed Numbers: After converting mixed numbers into an improper form, use the same formula as
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Mixed Numbers Calculator

Mixed numbers: Enter as 1 1/2 which is one and one half or 25 3/32 which is twenty five and three thirty seconds. Keep exactly one space between the whole number and fraction and use a

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Mixed fraction calculator

Input: 2, 3/4, 9/12, 3 5/8, -12/16 and order from least to greatest. Convert integers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. • 3/4, 9/12 and -12/16 are proper fractions so we can use those as they are written. • 2 in fraction form is 2/1. •
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