Opposites in math

Children can grasp the idea of opposites at a young age. If you take advantage of this concept when teaching math, it cuts your work in half! Instead of teaching subtraction, teach “opposite

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What is an opposite number in math?

This is true because opposites in math are always opposites and they come into existence as opposites. The first thing that comes into existence as an opposite of another thing is: the first

Absolute Value and Opposites

Opposite of the act or process of determining the amount or number of something mathematically.


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Opposite Numbers

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What are Opposite Numbers?

An opposite of a number is the number with the opposite sign, but same absolute value. Basically, 3 has the opposite -3, -47's opposite is 47 (opposite of n is -n). Just take 0- (n)

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Opposite Numbers Definition (Illustrated


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Opposite of a number

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